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Each Business Automation Process Needs to Be Adapted to Your Company’s Needs

Business Consultant in Calgary
All business automation consultants like The Business System realize the absolute necessity of adapting each unique business automation solution to changes in new world of volatility. It has the same importance as creating robust customer-supplier relationships with growing and developing both internally & off-site. Our business automation company strives to get a leading position at all market levels. That’s why we provide not only premium-quality services for offline & online business automation but fast responses for customers’ needs, continuous innovation support and complete client satisfaction.

An Experienced Team is Vital for Any Business Automation Process

Business Consultant in Calgary

Thomas Jones

Executive manager with 20 yrs of financial experience

Thomas is a management professional with 20 years of experience working in the financial services sector, land development, and the restructuring of companies. His breadth of professional experience covers a wide spectrum of executive management, including conceptual and strategic planning, operations management, business development, raising capital, relationship sales, marketing, and leadership management, both domestic and internationally.

Having led numerous multidisciplinary teams and developed effective go-forward strategies, Mr. Jones is well versed in identifying growth opportunities and developing systemized operations, including business automation solutions and developments for offline & online business automation. His business development experience has focused mainly on analyzing potential growth areas and developing comprehensive recommendations for strategic company direction. 

Hailey Hahn

Well-qualified CPA with various industries experience

Hailey is an accomplished Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) with experience in accounting standards, assurance, forecasting, and financial modelling vital for business automation. Hailey has gained experience in many industries throughout her career, including oil and gas, not-for-profit, finance, retail, and small business. Hailey’s volunteer involvement with numerous organizations nourishes her passion for helping others succeed.

Hailey is on the Board of Directors for the Perfect Attendance Foundation and on the Audit and Finance Committee of the Calgary Parks Foundation. She is also an actual member of the CPA Western School of Business and mentoring CPA students training to enter the profession.

Business Consultant in Calgary

Outsourcing for Quality Online Business Automation

As highly qualified business automation consultants, we know that managers must delegate business segments to other professionals to achieve quality results. Using a business automation company allows partnering with other experts by outsourcing web development, digital marketing jobs like Facebook & LinkedIn Business profiles, Ads, Google Analytics, AdWords, SEO optimization and more. In turn, we track, monitor and report in real-time on the progress of projects transferred to other specialists using our collaboration tools.